Watermelon Pie a Refreshing Dessert

Watermelon Pie, a Refreshing Fruit Dessert


Watermelon Pie a Refreshing Dessert


Here is a refreshing dessert called Watermelon Pie that is a quick and easy dessert to make. First of all get hold of all the ingredients that i have listed below before you start. Then clear some space in your kitchen and let’s get started. This simple dessert is ideal if you want something that is refreshing and tasty and is ideal for the summer. Watermelon pie is a simple dessert that is full of flavor and is very easy to make. It will be a big favorite with everyone as it refreshes you and tastes incredible at the same time. You will have family and friends asking you for the recipe, so be prepared!




One (3 ounce) package watermelon flavored Jell-)

1/4 cup water

12 ounce contain frozen whipped topping that has been thawed

1 cups of watermelon

9 inch prepared graham cracker crust


Directions for the easy dessert recipe:


Mix the watermelon gelatin and water together. Then fold the gelatin mixture into the dessert topping. Add all the cut watermelon.

Pour mixture into graham cracker crust and then cool in the refrigerator for around 3 hours.

It may look like you don’t have enough water in the bowl when you mix the ingredient, but so don’t worry you do. Mix it well and then add the watermelon that has been cut into chunks.

Then you open the pie crust and put the mixture into the pie, its as easy as that.Then let it cool in the refrigerator for a while, around 3 hours or so is just perfect.

It only takes a few minutes to make so you can make a few of them at the same time and give to family or friends.

When you take it out of the refrigerator then cut and put it on your plate and eat. Enjoy!

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