Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Homemade Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

While many individuals think that preparing pies requires specialized skill and expertise, this may not be the case. There is a simple sweet potato pie recipe that will help you prepare an outstanding sweet potato pie. The ingredients are easily available. In addition, the directions are easy to follow and do not require lots of attention. The preparation time period is sufficient which is not too much that you may get tired. With the right preparations, the rest of the process is quite fast and simple.

To help you get started with an easy to prepare sweet potato pie at home, the following ingredients must be available.

Homemade Sweet Potato Pie Ingredients

l 5 medium sized sweet potatoes.

l A pie crust pan.

l 3 eggs.

l A stick of butter.

l 2 cups of sugar.

l A tablespoon of vanilla extract.

l A tablespoon of all purpose flour.

l Nutmeg.

l Cinnamon.

The recipe provided above will suit a small sized family of about four. The pie crust pan is of a regular size of about 9 inches. This is even easier to obtain as you need not prepare it. It is bought ready from the stores. Do not remove the eggs from a refrigerator and use them directly. It is best advisable that they are used when at room temperature. In addition, for best results, beat them well to produce consistency that is equally distributed. The nutmeg and the cinnamon are used as flavors to create a better taste. The sweet potatoes are the main component here.



After collecting all the ingredients, you can now get started with preparation. The following procedure will take you through this easy pie recipe.

l Boil the sweet potatoes whole to soften them making them edible. This will take plus or minus half an hour.

l Allow them cool or simply run some cold water on them to quicken the process so you can peel the skin them off.

l Break the sweet potatoes or slice them into smaller pieces. Alternatively, you can just mash it.

l Add the butter into the mashed sweet potatoes and mix thoroughly. Use a mixer if present to provide an evened out mixture.

l Top up with the remaining ingredients. Add the beat eggs, sugar, flour, cinnamon and vanilla. Mix this mixture under medium speed when using the mixer until it turns into a smooth mixture.

l Pour the mixture on to the already prepared pie crust and spread out evenly.

l Place it in an oven to bake. To check if it is ready, you can use a knife to poke its center. If it remains clean after removing it, then it is ready. Due to the heat, it will puff up. Once you allow it cool, it will sink.

l Slice and serve as desired.


This is a great baked sweet potato pie that has a great flavor due to the included seasonings. It is in this seasoning that the southern sweet potato pie brings out its taste. You should have a complete sweet potato pie meal in slightly over two hours. This simplified homemade sweet potato pie recipe is all you need to always love this pie.