Sticky Chicken Wings


Are you tired of the same chicken flavored recipes? Well this sticky chicken wings recipe will sure make your day. It does not take much and can easily be prepared and cooked effortlessly. These sticky chicken wings are similar to the oven baked chicken wings that you can also find in our list of recipes. This is not a difficult recipe, in fact, you will only need a few ingredients and the quick and easy directions will explain how to make sticky chicken sticky chicken wingswings.


8 chicken wings
1/2 cup honey
1 tsp curry powder
3 tsp soy sauce
sesame seeds
salt & pepper to taste


• In a medium bowel add honey, curry powder, soy sauce and salt & pepper.
• Take the chicken wings and coat each one in the glaze.
• Preheat oven to 200 degrees for 35 to 40 minutes.
• Turn wings over about half way between cooking until golden brown.
• When the chicken wings are almost done, sprinkle some sesame seeds over your wings.
Although this recipe calls for only 8 chicken wings, it is not difficult to double your ingredients to make more sticky chicken wings. The honey and curry powder mix so well together giving you a tangy and spicy flavor. If you like sweet and sour taste, this is a recipe that can surely make it to your top list of chicken recipes, particularly when it comes to chicken flavored wings. Get ready to lick those fingers because the honey based sauce is finger-licking good. Spice up your eating by dipping your sticky chicken wings in Ranch or Blue Cheese dressings. These oven baked chicken wings can be accompanied with your favorite side of French fries or side salad. Recipes can easily be modified to cater to your guests or family. For children, you can leave out the curry powder, as this give it a more spicy taste. They will enjoy that honey flavor and will eat more.
Chicken is probably the most sought out meat around the world. Here at Fast Chicken Recipes, we attempt to add flavors and recipes from around the world, to give you an around the world taste. These are not difficult recipes and do not require seasonings that you cannot find.
This particular dish can be a lifesaver when you have friends pop in for a visit. It does not take much planning and it’s an easy and quick meal when you are short in time.
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