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Quick & Easy Recipes

Quick and easy recipes are the perfect way to make sure your family gets a great meal without all the work that usually comes with cooking a delicious meal. From easy breakfast recipes to quick dinner ideas, Hands on Recipes has an array of yummy recipes that can be thrown together to create a variety of quick meals. Best of all, Hands on Recipes features plenty of easy recipes that can usually be made using ingredients that you always keep in your kitchen.

Whether your family is a fan of traditional soul food, such as buttermilk fried chicken (perfect for two meals because it is just as delicious when served cold the second day), creamed corn, and southern style green beans, or you prefer something a tad bit healthier, like a juicy rotisserie chicken or stuffed tomatoes with tuna salad, Hands on Recipes has the perfect recipe to create a quick meal everyone is sure to love.

Did you know that research has proven that children who participate in family meals display fewer behavioral and emotional issues, as well as risky behaviors, and have a greater emotional well-being? While it isn’t always possible to eat meal together, don’t let it be a lack of quick dinner ideas that prevents it. From salmon patties to turkey meatloaf, you can find something the entire family will love that allows you all to sit down together after a hectic day. Of course, all the recipes included on Hands on Recipes can just as easily be made for couples or singles. Just because you don’t have children doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a delicious and quick meal.

Of course, there is no denying that one of the best parts of the quick and easy recipes you will find at Hands on Foods is the accompanying video that will walk you through the recipe. Although most of the recipes we feature are pretty simple to throw together, this definitely makes putting together a great, yet quick meal even simpler.

What type of recipes will you find on Hands on Recipes? I have put together an assortment of recipes that include many that I watched my grandmother prepare for Sunday lunch after a morning spent in church, as well as plenty of healthier, but just as tasty, options that I have created. (After all, my grandmother was known for cooking mouthwatering quick meals and creating out of this world deserts, but she was also from the south, where butter, lard, and “pan drippings” used to be, and occasionally still are, a staple in many meals.) In addition, you will find several recipes that were contributed by busy visitors to the site just like you. The result is an amazing collection of fantastic recipes that can just as easily be prepared for two or three people as they can for an entire family reunion.

In today’s fast paced world, you definitely need a variety of quick and easy recipes that you can turn to when preparing a quick dinner. That is the goal of Hands on Recipes. I strive to provide you with a wide selection of delicious meal ideas that you can make without spending a fortune on ingredients or wasting hours in the kitchen. Let me know if I have succeeded.