Grilled Whole Chicken (Frozen) Recipe


Many a times, when preparing grilled whole chicken, many individuals choose to defrost their chicken especially if they intend to cook it whole before they can grill it. Well, this is not at all necessary any more unless you want to do it by choice. You can now get your whole chicken straight from the freezer and place it right on your grill while still enjoying the flavors and juiciness of your grill chicken without burning it. There are a number of grilled chicken recipes but the following offers an easy grilled chicken recipe. This is because the ingredients are easy to find and the process is easy to follow.

Key Ingredients for Grilled Whole Chicken (Frozen)
1 cup Masterpiece BBQ sauce
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon pepper

Preparing Frozen Grilled Whole Chicken

Though there are a number of cooked chicken recipes, the following is the process of preparing grilled whole chicken that is frozen. It is advisable that you leave the skin on for grilling chicken that is frozen.

Preheat oven and prepare the grilling pan

Allow the chicken stand as you preheat the oven to about 350 degrees. As you preheat it, prepare the grilling pan. All you have to do is spread some foil paper on the bottom and grease it with non-stick spray.

Season the chicken whole

On the chicken’s skin and cavity, pat it with paper towels. Take half of each of the seasoning mentioned above and insert them into the cavity. On the outside, brush your chicken with some cooking oil. The remaining half of the seasoning should be placed on the outside to taste.

Place it at the center of the oven

The oven is ready. Place the chicken on the rack and place it at the center of the oven. As you get started, allow for low heat so it starts to cook slowly and allow the ice melt away from the chicken. Do not cover it as it will steam the meat and prevent a crust.

Increase the heat temperatures

After about half an hour, increase the temperatures up to about 450 so it can penetrate the chicken balancing the internal and external temperature as well as start to create a crust that is crispy. The ingredients also soak into the flesh adding flavor and because they were placed both in its cavity and on the skin, the flavor is spread out and evened out. Cook it for about 20 minutes.

Allow it simmer

Grilled Whole Chicken (Frozen) RecipeRemove the chicken from the grill and place it on a serving platter. This will allow it absorb all the juices. As it rests, serve the BBQ sauce on a different bowl. To add on to the flavor, it can be used as a dipping or you can opt to pour some of it on the cooling chicken.

There you have it. Your grilled whole chicken is ready for the table. This easy grilled chicken recipe is simple and it does not allow your chicken to get contaminated as you allow it defrost. Grilled chicken recipes may include other ingredients to suit different preferences which can be included without a problem. Because it is frozen, it will take longer to cook as compared to fresh or chicken that is defrosted.


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