Grilled Ribeye Steaks

Grilled Ribeye Steaks

Grilled Ribeye Steak: A Delicious Meal that Only Takes Ten Minutes to Cook

Without a doubt, grilled ribeye steaks tend to make very delicious meals during lunch or dinner. They don’t require many additions; therefore, they are quite easy to prepare, and when it comes to cooking ribeye steak, it only takes ten minutes.  We at, Fast Chicken Recipes, bring you the ribeye steak recipe.

There is one ribeye steak recipe, in particular, that is considered to be among the best grilling recipes—due to its simplicity and taste. If you want to know how to grill steak on gas grill, the following recipe is ideal for you (read below).

Ingredients Required:

>Prime rib steak



>Olive oil


Once you have your thick meat slices in a plate, coat both sides of each slice with olive oil. This will help give them those nice grill marks that are often seen in restaurant dishes. When you are done with this step, it is time for salt and pepper. Sprinkle a meaningful amount of these two condiments on both sides of every slice before placing them on the grill.

Go out to your grill and place meat in it. Make sure to let each slice of meat cook for five full minutes. Don’t be turning them or playing with them, as this can prolong cooking time and affect the grill mark effect. After ten minutes, they should be fully cooked.

Don’t eat them right away. Take meat indoors, apply some butter on the center of each slice, and let them rest for at least five minutes. Why butter? Well, that helps the meat become softer so that you don’t have any difficulties while cutting it. Don’t cut the meat before the five minutes have past. If you do, a lot of juice will come out of it. This doesn’t occur as much if you wait an extra few minutes. The next step is to eat and enjoy its exquisite taste by yourself or alongside your loved ones!