Grapefruit Chicken Salad Recipe

Grapefruit Chicken Salad Recipe
Do you want to make an easy chicken salad, but with a different twist? Here is a combination of Grapefruit Chicken Salad Recipefruit salad and chicken salad that you will find delicious. This fast chicken recipe is as easy as any chicken recipe can be. And you will love the flavor of fast and easy grapefruit chicken salad recipe! Many grocery stores sell the rotisserie chicken already cooked. All you have to do is peel the chicken off the bone and you quickly have your cooked chicken for the recipe.

Grapefruit Chicken Salad Recipe Ingredients:

1 fully cooked rotisserie chicken

¼ cup mayonnaise

½ cup plain yogurt

2 medium ruby red grapefruits

1 tablespoon dried dill weed

2 scallions, chopped

½ cup celery, chopped

? teaspoon salt

? teaspoon black pepper

Fast and Easy Grapefruit Chicken Salad Recipe Instructions:

Remove chicken meat from the bone of the rotisserie chicken and cut or tear the meat into bite size pieces. (Discard the bones or freeze them to boil for soup stock for a later meal.)
Cut each ruby red grapefruit in half. Use a knife to cut around each section to separate the fruit from the membrane.
With the knife or a spoon, remove the grapefruit sections and cut into bite size pieces. Set aside to drain.
Scrape the remaining membrane from the grapefruit peel, or shell. Discard the membrane and reserve the peel or shell to use as serving bowls.
In a bowl, mix mayonnaise, salt, pepper, dill, and yogurt. Blend well by stirring.
Add the ruby red grapefruit, chicken, celery, and scallions.
Toss lightly, then cover and refrigerate until you’re ready to serve. Wrap the peel or shell separately in cellophane and refrigerate as well.
When the time comes to serve, simply fill each grapefruit shell/bowl with the fast and easy grapefruit chicken salad recipe. Serve and enjoy!


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