French Fried Onion Chicken

French Fired Onion Chicken is a great recipe to make for the entire family. The chicken comes out crunchy but is not greasy at all. It is a better alternative to enjoy chicken with a crunch then frying. There is less fat and it is better for the body. The French Fired Onions give this chicken a lot of flavor without being overpowering.
To make French Fried Onion Chicken the following ingredients are going to be needed:

2 tsp. of garlic power
3tsp of onion powder
3ts of lemon pepper
¼ tsp paprika
1 tsp. of Italian seasoning mix
1 pack of sazon goya (found in the ethnic section of a grocery store)
2 cartons of French fried onions
1 egg
¼ cup of water
1/3 cup of flour
1 package of chicken breasts

The first thing that has to be done to make French Fried Onion chicken is to set the over to 400 degrees so it can preheat. Get a cookie sheet and line with aluminum foil. Once the foil is laid spray it with nonstick cooking spray. This will prevent the chicken from sticking to the pan. Once the pan is ready the cooking can begin. An egg wash has to be made. To make this egg wash mix the egg wash and the water. Set it aside for now. Take the containers of the French Fried Onions and put them into a zip lock bag. Take the bag and push down on it in order to crush up the onions. They should be in small pieces. Once the onions are crushed up add the flour to the zip lock bag. The next thing to do is season the chicken. Make sure the chicken is defrosted. Cut the chicken into thin strips. Season the chicken with the garlic power, onion powder, lemon pepper, paprika, Italian seasoning, and the sazon goya. When the chicken is seasoned take the egg wash mixture and using a pastry brush, brush the chicken with this mixture. Put the chicken into the bag with the French Fried onions and shake it. Make sure the chicken is evenly coated. Once the chicken is coated put it in the prepared pan. Bake the chicken for 30-40 minutes until the outside is golden brown. Be sure to cut the chicken in the center to make sure that it is no longer pink inside. This French Fried Onion Chicken should be served warm. The chicken strips can also be laid over a bed of lettuce and served as part of a crunchy chicken salad.

The French Fried Onion Chicken is great for the entire family. Even picky eaters will enjoy this chicken. This is a way to make a meal that everyone will enjoy. The French Fried Onion Chicken allows for a taste of something different. It is easy to make. There are simple ingredients that are mixed together and then the chicken is baked. Any home cook can make this French Fried Onion Chicken for dinner. In less time then what it takes to order food the family can enjoy a home cooked meal.

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