Cream of Corn Recipe

The Best Creamed Corn You’ll Ever Eat

There are very few foods that say the holidays better than a good, old fashioned creamed corn dish. It goes spectacularly with pretty much any dish you could think of, plus its creamy and delicious; and reminds you of home; with all the great flavors and history behind this dish. It’s got that comfort food taste, with butter and cream and all the sweetness you could want with all that sweet, delicious canned corn recipe. The best part is, it doesn’t look at mushy, and there’s plenty of texture to fill your plate. If you want, you can add extra ingredients; maybe even pop it in the oven with a bread and cheese crust on top if you really wanted to spruce it up, the sky’s the limit and your taste buds are sure to fly on this southern recipe corn dish.



3-Cups of whole kernel corn

6-oz of cream style corn

6-oz of heavy cream

1-Stick of butter

salt and pepper to taste


Directions on how to make creamed corn:

  1. You’re going to want to put the stick of butter in a medium sized saucepan, and get it started melting down on medium-high heat. Make sure that you drain your kernel corn before you put it in the saucepan, and have all your ingredients measured out and carefully separated to make it all a little easier.


  1. After your butter has melted down and softened, you’re going to add your creamed corn and kernel corn and heavy cream. Stir the mixture up, being very thorough, mixing the butter into the creamed corn and heavy cream very well. When you’re happy with the amount you’ve stirred the product up, cover it up tight.


  1. Watch it cook, being sure to let it simmer, but not scorch the mixture. After you’re happy with the temperature of the ingredients; lightly season your creamed corn being careful not to over-season. Remove from heat, and pour into whatever container you want to serve it in; carefully serving from this dish onto a plate with anything else you’d want to serve it with- any holiday dish goes great, as well as a hearty dinner meat.


Enjoy! This great dish will bring you and your family holiday joy for years to come with the rich and delicious flavor that makes your mouth water, your belly happy and you come back for seconds. From my kitchen to yours, get your hands on one of my favorite southern corn dish recipes.