Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers
One of my absolute favorite foods are chicken fingers. They’re easy to eat, perfect with pretty much any sauce or flavor, easy to customize, and are easy to complement with any side dish. They’re also a crowd pleasing dish, and Chicken Fingerseveryone in your family is sure to love them- no matter how picky they might be. No matter how many you make or how many ingredients you’ll use you’ll be amazed at the outcome and proud of your efforts, they’re cheaper than you’d buy at the store, and pack powerful nutrients to keep you and and your family full all day.

It’s a lot easier than you might think to make these chicken fingers. In fact, if you’ve ever made fried fish, or breaded anything, you’ll immediately feel like you know the technique and you’ll be able to make a large amount quickly, easily, and painlessly with this quick and easy chicken fingers recipe.


The most important part of this recipe is making sure that your pan is hot, and that your chicken strips are all about the same sizes.


You don’t want your chicken tough or dry, and you want them all to be done when you cook them. One of the biggest problems you’ll face is that the breading will be browned before the chicken is completely cooked, and the best way to guarantee that they’ll cook right is to keep them about one inch wide, and relatively thin.


Prep Time: 15-20 minutes
Serves: About 4

What You’ll Need:

4 Chicken Thighs, Boneless, Skinless
1 cup of flour
1/4 teaspoon pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 Cups Vegetable Oil
1 pinch salt (after frying)
1 large egg
1/4 cup water
Your favorite dipping sauce

How To Make Your Chicken Fingers:

1. The first step is to season your chicken. This is where you add whatever seasoning you might want- chili powder, seasonings or spices, maybe even lemon pepper if you’re so inclined. For the faint of heart, we’ll just season ours with salt and pepper, making sure we generously coat the chicken.
2. Next, get a medium sized bowl and a whisk, and mix together a large egg and the quarter cup of water until it’s completely combined. At the same time, either get a large freezer bag or another large bowl and put your flour in the bag.
3. Cut your chicken into generic chicken finger shapes- about an inch wide and relatively thin.
4. Dredge your chicken fingers into the egg and water mixture.
5. Coat your chicken strips with flour, either by shaking in a plastic zip-lock bag one by one (which is fun for your kids) or in a large bowl, side by side, making sure to coat completely and cover the entire piece of chicken.
6. Pour the oil you’ve prepared into a large skillet, and heat it to around 350 degrees. Carefully, avoiding splashing, fry the chicken for 4-6 minutes per side until it’s crispy, golden brown and delicious.
7. Finally, put the chicken fingers on a couple paper towels or on a draining rack, and lightly sprinkle with salt. Then serve with your favorite dipping sauce (ranch, wing sauce, barbeque, ketchup)- whichever is your favorite.

Why Make These Delicious Chicken Fingers?

These easy, homemade chicken fingers are exceptionally easy to make and please the whole family. Your kids are sure to enjoy them, and you can supplement this dish with whatever you want- veggies, chips, fries, mashed potatoes or even a nice salad- the choice is yours, and your kids are sure to love this one! Tender, juicy and delicious, as long as you make them all uniform, you’ll absolutely love this dish- it’s one of our personal favorites, and it makes a great complement to a wide variety of our favorite meal choices. No matter how you season your chicken, or what your favorite sauce might be, you’re going to enjoy this family favorite.

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